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Alison Grant The Shore of Uncounted Time 2014 (Running time: 22mins)

Edited by Christina Alepi, Sound Design by Ben Martin, with additional field recordings by George Grant




At each equinox and solstice of 2011, Alison Grant traveled to Loch Fyne in Argyll, there to paint continuously from sunrise to sunset. Indelibly marked by the elements with the moment of their making, the many small works she produced present the cyclical face of time, the endless return as the years wheel through the seasons, as night alternates with day and the tides rise and fall. The cyclical and seasonal is but one aspect of our experience of time. The Shore of Uncounted Timeby imprisoning Grant’s free equinoctial works in narrative form, reminds us of that inexorable forward march of linear time.





The Shore of Uncounted Time



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