Having completed degrees in biology and then landscape architecture at the universities of Durham and Manchester, Alison Grant went on to forge a career as a landscape architect working on projects at home and abroad, including a decade spent working in the USA and the Far East. 


Unsurprisingly, given this background, Grant is an artist deeply rooted in nature, finding in the natural world both inspiration and much of her visual language. What is refreshing about Grant’s work is that she does not merely depict how that natural world appears, but also understands how it works.

With a lifelong passion for painting and drawing, Grant found herself over the years increasingly drawn to fine art. Having begun her studies in Boston and Hong Kong, on her return to Scotland, she undertook a postgraduate course in painting and now works from her Edinburgh studio.

Grant’s solo exhibitions include Suspended Shadows (Henderson Gallery, Edinburgh, 2010) and The Shape of Time (Warburton Gallery, Edinburgh, 2014). Selected group shows include: Mural Paintings (Alice Ho Mui Ling Nethersole Hospital, Hong Kong, 2000);  RSA Exhibition (National Galleries, Edinburgh, 2011-2015);  Invited Artist - 50 years of Leith School of Art (Leith School of Art, Edinburgh, 2011);  SSA Exhibition (National Galleries, Edinburgh, 2011-2015);  Summer Exhibition (Rabley Drawing Centre, Wiltshire, 2015-2016) and Time Spent Among Trees, SSA Professional Members Exhibition (Methuen Museum, Forfar, 2019). Alison Grant has been awarded the Rodney Beaumont Award, Manchester University, the Purcell Prize, SSA and has been elected a Professional Member of the Society of Scottish Artists.

Grant's next show No Ruined Stones is at the White Horse Gallery, Wiltshire, 19th March - 11th April 2020.

She is also currently working on Stone Moon a collaborative exhibition with the poet and writer Fiona Sampson , which will be opening at the Sidney Nolan Trust, Herefordshire, 4th April - 10th May 2020.


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